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UC Robotics Activities

There are lots of activities available for UC Robotics members to choose from. Have a look at our offerings and make sure to get in touch if anything is unclear. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Combat Robotics

Combat Robotics is something anyone can get involved in, as it is not limited to UC students. We currently host multiple different weight classes. These weights classes being; 150 gram Ant Weights, 1 pound US Ant Weight, and 3 pound Sportsman Beetle Weight.

Special Events

We host special events at least once a term, these events can be anything from introductions days to mini-competitions.

These events are posted to the Events section of the website. Events can be added throughout the year, so keep an eye on the Events page.

Vex Robotics

We are deeply involved in the Nz Vex Robotics scene, frequently performing at a national level or above.

Robotics tutoring is offered to local high schools.

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